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Mission and Objectives
Our goal: a World in Harmony.

In Harmony with nature, energy resources, water resources en no pollution

Water and energy are the current scarce elements, so, we help to develop new methods of usage , recycling and production.


a windmill driving a reverse osmosis and delivering fresh water combined with electricity, no grid needed.

Now engineered up to 800 m3/day plus 40 kW electricity

a solar parking area with uni-directional tracking

an absorption airco on solar radiation



Members encouragement

New Dutch Sustainable Water technology for Colombia


On a small palm tree island, Johnny Cay, in the Caribbean a new Dutch technology to produce with one windmill both water and electricity will be installed.

This Colombian island close to the Colombian tourist island San Andrés receives 350.000 day tourist per year but water has to be transported to the island in bottles and for the restaurants ice blocks have to be brought daily to cool the fish, because there is no fresh water or electricity.

It is a small nature reserve and it was the wish of Coralina, who is responsible for the island, to produce water and electricity fully sustainable.



Solteq Energy developed a new type windmill, which converts the wind energy into high pressure and this high pressure is used to drive a desalination unit (reverse osmosis) to produce fresh water. Wind energy is not constant and the excess energy will be used to produce electricity as well.

The new concept will first be installed in Leeuwarden early next year on a special area reserved for innovative water and energy technologies.

A group of organisations will deliver these systems: Lenntech, specialist in water technology, Hydroton, specialist in hydraulic solutions, Hoekstra-Suwald specialist in rebuilding and installing windmills and Solteq Energy specialist in renewables. The Technical University of Delft, civil engineering, water technology, supports the group with their experience of 5 years of study on combinations wind and solar produced water.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) is financing the Johnny Cay project on the condition that the project will be the heart of an educational system to promote and support Dutch sustainable solutions to Colombia and surrounding.

We expect that export from the Netherlands deriving from this pilot project will be within two years well in excess of the five-fold amount of the financial support of RvO. Yearly in this area alone is a capacity installed of about 60.000 m3/day. This is 6.000 times the capacity of the pilot installation in Johnny Cay.

In the whole world 60% of the drinking water is produced by reverse osmosis and the majority of those installations is using expensive fossil produced electricity. The concept developed by Solteq Energy is not only fully sustainable but will cut the production cost in areas with sufficient wind by almost half. 

And the combined water and electricity production allows areas with no utility grid to get access to fresh water and electricity.



Ir. Herre Rost van Tonningen

Solteq Energy bv



An Inconvenient Truth

Not the figures but the message is important:
Care for our environment!

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